This Food Industry is located in a broad  Valley, where there is a lot of agricultural life. 

The Founder with French nationality, named the industry Valvie (Valley Life). Valvie was born for a purpose - to give value to what until then had no market quotation value.

The  purpose was to transform the fruit and vegetables which are phyto-sanitary good but have  visual defects,  this product the producers have always had many difficulties in disposing, as we know the traditional market only absorbs horticultural products with better appearance.

Valuing this type of product, the producer can have  an extra income,  so it can  help in getting looser expenses with the income of  the product of choice.

The Valvie has a team of professionals in the transformation of these products, which is proud to have two employees with disabilities.

We take pride in the quality of our products, which we have already been awarded in blind tastings competition nationally.


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Estrada dos Salões 18-B
9360-324 Ponta do Sol